About me – Helena Fierle

My name is Helena. Yogi. Soul-Seeker. Teacher. Student. Dancer. Creator. Explorer.

The pictures above are a collection of meaningful moments and experiences that have supported me to expand and grow along my spiritual walk towards each new day.

I love sharing the practice of inner-awareness with my community as a teacher of mindful movement. I prefer to call my classes ‘movement and meditation’ instead of good ol’ yoga, because I don’t follow one defined tradition of yoga. I love to dance, I love to stretch, I love to chaturanga, I love to pray, I love to play. In my classes I want you to feel my passion for all of these practices in your body… then, in your heart.

Once upon a time, fifteen year old me walked into a yoga class. After many classes of awkward learning how to pay less attention to what everyone around me was doing and more to how I felt in each posture. After some time I looked deeper into the practice of yoga and connected the movements of yoga with the awareness of my breath. This awareness changed and continues to change my life. 

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to live in many different cultures, languages, colors, amongst ever-growing family. At the age of sixteen I moved to central Germany as an exchange student…I feel in love with being abroad and finding new perspective through the eyes of another home. Now I’m back in Germany, living in beautiful, bustling Berlin. But it’s taken me many stories and long walks to get here.

Where have I grown-up and grown-out? Where do I see reflections of myself?

…..mountains Asheville, North Carolina, my hippie-happy hometown

….small little Dutch town where I went to college, Middelburg the Netherlands

….bright n’ sunny Adelaide, Australia where I played on beaches and sipped lots of Goon

….the magical planet of New Zealand

…. my little tent at Omega Holistic Learning Center in New York

…healing coast of Costa Rica, ¡Pura Vida!

…. last but not least – the sacred mountain home of Durga’s Tiger School for Tantra, Yoga and Shamanism in Tumbaco, Ecuador

These are places I find myself. These are places I call home.

How do I teach?

In my movement and meditation classes I blend music, visualisations, mantras, and breath awareness to create a space to for you to go inward and experience your own body and mind in the present moment. My classes are great for beginners and yogis, movers and feelers of all levels.

I am currently teaching Thursday and Friday mornings.We start our day in meditation, in movement and and awaken to our desires and intentions. 

See ‘Class Schedule’ tab for location and times.

My Training Background

200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Ecuador, at the School for Tantra, Yoga and Shamanism, has allowed me to incorporate healing practices and rituals of Ecuadorian indigenous communities into my yoga practice. I have additional training in Nonviolence and Peace Reconciliation, Vipassana Meditation and the Mindfulness Teachings of Thich Nhat Hahn. 

I’m excited to keep feeling forward catch me ona flow 🙂